Friday, June 25, 2010

Closing My Eyes Helps Me To See Clearly by Kipp Poe Speicher

A Nightmare vision of the end of the world and for a limited time a bonus short story Gas For Grass and a sneak peak at my two novels "I Thought You Tasted Like Rain" and "The Other Side."

Q&A with Kipp Poe Speicher
1.What was your inspiration behind Closing My Eyes Help Me To See Clearly?
Fragments of it actually came from dreams that I have compiled together. I first story boarded it all out years ago to make it into a movie, but it would take much more of a budget that I could come up with.
The title is the same title I use for my blog, it’s like a motto of mine, taking control of your dream’s, and imagination and bring it to life.
2. What was your inspiration behind Gas for Grass?
It was my first project that I just sat down one night and it just poured out of me, it is somewhat based on real life neighbors who are extremely noisy, but in real life I just turn up my iPod louder and continue on with my day.
3. Do you find prefer writing novels or shorts?
I like both I’m just starting to write and trying to hone my skills. The shorts right now are little projects I do while taking a step back from my more massive projects.
4. Are your novels written in the same style as your shorts?
The two short stories I have self-published are allot more experimental than my novels that are written in more of a traditional form, or at least I hope they will be.
Closing My Eyes has been considered to be in the style of a poem by some reviewers.
5. Your writing took me on a visual journey, which is perhaps not that surprising given your background in filmmaking. Is you writing style inspired by the dynamics of film making?
Yes most definitely allot of my stuff is more story boarded out instead of traditional plot outline, I don’t know if it is an advantage or disadvantage just need to find the words to that capture the visuals I see.
6. If you had to chose between movie making and writing....?
When I was younger I always wanted to be a writer, I struggled with a learning disability that restricted me to learn how to spell. (Not the best thing for a writer to have) so in order to learn to spell a word I have to visualize it I cannot sound it out.
So I turned to visual story telling and the birth of digital video made it affordable so I self taught myself movie making, I love the filmmaking but you are seriously harnessed to watering down your story to match your budget.
So now with the ability to self publish at no cost to you, we can now get our stories out to a large audience.
I would pick writing over films right now it doesn’t require you to write to a budget
7. What kind of books do you like reading?
I read a large variety of books with the Kindle its amazing having so much at your figure tips. I read classics, horror, crime, chick lit, it’s all exposing yourself to other styles.
8. What’s your favorite movie?
Being a movie geek that is a hard one to answer, I’d have to go with Ingmar Bergman’s Hour Of The Wolf
9. Are you inspired by music?
Music is like air to me I spend at least 18 hours a day with music, The only time I don’t have music on is when I’m watching a movie.
I can hear just one line from lyrics and I’m off into my own little world filled with characters and locations just from that line.
10. Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?
I am working on a novella that is a supernatural crime story with some characters that are also part of my novel, sort of a introduction side story to the universe I’m creating.

Imogen's Review
This is a collection of two short stories and a sneak peak at Kipp Poe Speicher’s two novels.
The first short, Closing My Eyes Helps Me To See Clearly, is a captivating journey of imagery, told by three separate voices. It’s Speicher's nightmare vision of the end of the world. I had to read this fascinating story twice to really get it.
The second story, Gas For Grass, is a disturbing, graphic (fairly explicit, not suitable for the YA group) account of a man dealing with his annoying neighbor.
Kipp Poe Speicher made me think, made me go back and re-read the stories (something I rarely do). I can’t wait to read his novels. Great job!

About The Author
Kipp Poe Speicher I grew up in a small Ohio town with two brothers one older and one younger so I was stuck in the middle. I took Graphic Arts in high School in hope to maybe some day print my own book.
Went to work in a print shop been there for 25 years in my free time I make movies on the weekends, Maybe one day one of my books will get optioned for a film The picture is of my daughter and I, she helped design the cover for me and is also a filmmaker/photographer.

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