Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sam I Am by Heather Killough-Walden

Seventeen year-old Logan Wright has always turned to the make-believe world of her written words to escape the pain of her real life. Through her writing, she lives vicariously, creating gorgeous but dangerous male characters who hunt down, and fight for, their chosen mates. For a vice, it's a safe one. Normally.
However, this is October.
The moon is full, the cemetery is filled with mists, and the misspoken words of an ages-old spell have released an ancient force. It is shapeless - nameless. Until it happens upon the words of a beautiful young bard and takes the wickedly handsome form of one of her creations.
Now Logan finds herself the object of desire for a boy who appears to be everything she ever dreamed of. Sam Hain is tall, strong, and gorgeous. He wants her; there’s no denying that. So, what’s the problem?
Sam’s kisses come with sharp teeth – and a dark promise.
Logan, her friends, and her long-time crush must band together in order to save her from the force they unwittingly awakened. They have one month. And it’s going to be a long one.

Imogen's Review
Seventeen-year-old Logan Wright uses writing as an escape from her troubled family life into a make-believe world where her heroes are always perfect. On paper at least. When the Prince of Death is presented with a portal into Logan's world, he, through her stories, takes on a persona created by her imagination. And, of course, this creation, Sam Hain, is besotted with her and wants to make her his bride and carry her back with him to his world.

Heather Killough-Walden takes on a captivating and exciting ride. Her characters are well fleshed and likable. My only issue with the story was toward the end. *****SPOILER ALERT*****: After the Halloween dance, Sam Hain is apparently sent back through the portal and everything is back to normal again. Logan's bite marks disappear. All the people Sam murdered come to life again etc. However, we then find out that he is not been sent through after all. He has, in fact, possessed another student. So I wondered how everything got back to "normal" in that case? I am hoping that will be explained in book two, which I look forward to reading.


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