Monday, April 25, 2011

Author Interview: Katherine Gilraine

Katherine is the author of the Index series.

BB: Tell us what made you decide to write this particular story.

KG: If there's anything that fascinates me, it's how people interact. There is a lot of psychology to various situations and no two people are affected alike. Combined with my love of all things adventurous and mysterious, I couldn't help but ask myself, what would happen if I were to set my characters into these otherworldly places, and have them go through and grow as people within those places and situations.

BB: Was it difficult to write, or did it all come to you at once?

KG: It's a series, and a work in progress at all times as such. But I will say, every installment comes by itself. I set an arc, and I think of my characters' personalities. I let them drive the story, and before I know it, I have a word count!

BB: How did you come up with your character names?

KG: Randomly, honestly... Some names I hear, and twist them up a bit to adopt to a character. Others, I ask suggestions from friends, and others I toss out on a forum for the participants to name.

BB: Do you prefer to write one genre or do you like to bounce around genres?

KG: I blend crime-investigation and urban fantasy for the most part, and I stay within it.

BB: Do you write the same genre that you prefer to read? If not, why?

KG: Kind of, but not quite. My reading list is mostly history lately, and I love thrillers. Urban fantasy I read from time to time, but lately I'm on a Tudor history kick.

BB: How does your family feel about your writing? Friends?

KG: My friends are absolutely amazing when it comes to my writing! Every November, come NaNoWriMo, they expect me to hole up and look forward to me pinging them for opinions on the new plotlines.

BB: What is the craziest thing you've done to promote your book? Did it work?

KG: I wrote the next installment at a jazz show! And yes, it worked. The artists and fellow attendees alike would ask me what I was doing, and before I knew it, I had people asking me where they can get a copy.

BB: Have you been compared to any other authors? Do you agree with the comparison?

KG: I was compared, very erroneously, to Stephenie Meyer, because I have a vampiric character. I completely disagree, because not only does the genre doesn't come close, but I base my characters' skills and abilities on Celtic and Pagan legends, as opposed to a dream as in her case.

BB: Do you enjoy fanmail? If so, where do you prefer to get your fanmail?

KG: I do, and I prefer it via email. It actually allows me to get back to my readers! (Katherine can be reached at or visit her site at

BB: Why should we read your book?

KG: You know, of all the questions to answer, this is never an easy one for an author. :) But, to be frank, my story should be read because it contains something that everyone can relate to. Questions of friendships, loyalty, which decision to make, which action to take - all those questions that define us as people are questions that my characters ask of themselves. We grow as people, and so do they - just on other planets and with abilities that humans only dream about.

BB: Thanks for your time Katherine. We enjoyed talking to you.

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