Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Character Interviews: Vyktor Petrov of Reining In

Author Name: Dawn Judd

Book Title: Reining In

BB: Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself.

VP: My name is Vyktor Petrov. I am a vampire. I've spent the last few hundred years tracking down the vampire that killed my wife and unborn child. She will pay for what she did.

BB: What role do you play in your book?

VP: Apparently I'm the bad guy. I don't get it. I'm the one that was wronged. Why do I have to be the bad guy?

BB: How did you meet your author?

VP: I think she thought me up while looking for a scapegoat. Really. I mean, why did she think everyone would hate me after what happened to me?

BB: Do you get along with your author?

VP: Are you kidding? You should see the things she does to me. My life sucks because of her.

BB: Is this your first role in a publication?

VP: I guess. Supposedly there's supposed to be a prequel, so I suppose I'll make an appearance there. But I don't know. I'm pretty put out with how this one went.

BB: Do you plan on returning in other books?

VP: Well that would be kind of difficult since she killed me off in this one, wouldn't it? But you know, even death can't keep me from exacting my revenge. Mark my words.

BB: Do you like how you were written?

VP: Not even a little bit. I'm not really a bad guy. I just want the people who took my family away to pay for it. Why is that so wrong?

BB: What is the most interesting thing that happened to you in this book?

VP: Besides dying? I suppose going to Egypt was pretty interesting. Although nobody tells you about my trip. Kicked to the backburner as usual.

BB: Who is your favorite character in your book, besides yourself? Why?

VP: Claire. For many reasons. She's good to me. She would never betray me like other people I know. She tells me things; things about the future. I feel like she would do anything to protect me.

BB: Is there anything we should know about you that we haven't been told in your book?

VP: Besides the fact that I'm not as evil as everyone makes me out to be? No, not really.

BB: How do you feel about the way your story ended?

VP: HA. I lost my head. How would you feel? You people are sick. I'm outta here.

BB: Well then. It was "nice" getting to know more about you Vyktor. To learn more about Vyktor and his family secrets, check out Reining In.

Book Description: Khalida is a five thousand year old vampire. As technology and national security become more prominent, it becomes harder and harder for her to hide her secret from the world. In order to remain undetected by humans, she creates a network of people whose only job is to hide her identity. But these aren't just any group of people. They are the best of the best, brought to her by chance; tied to her by a bond stronger than any she's ever known before. Being discovered by the human world isn't Khalida's only concern, however. She has made enemies in the vampire world. When she makes a mistake that exposes her to those who want to take revenge on her, she is tossed into a whirlwind of death and destruction. She has to find out who is killing the humans who have become her family, and save those who remain. Khalida has spent her entire life trying to protect the people she loves, but ultimately, she will have to decide between the ghosts of her past and the people who have put their lives on the line for her. Her decision may haunt her for the rest of her life.

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