Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Character Interviews: Alexis Stanton of Color Me Grey

BB: Tell us your name and a little bit about yourself.

AS: My name is Alexis Stanton but I prefer to be called Alex. I used to be a data processor but just recently quit my job in favor of something much more exciting.

BB: What role do you play in your book?

AS: Well, I'm the main character. The book revolves around me, for the most part.

BB: How did you meet your author?

AS: I just popped into her head one day while she was reading another book.

BB: Do you get along with your author?

AS: Of course I do. She wants to BE me so why wouldn't I like my author. It's nice to be envied from afar.

BB: Is this your first role in a publication?

AS: Yes.

BB: Do you plan on returning in other books?

AS: Yes. I am already out there in two other books, Shades of Grey and Reflections of Grey. My author is working on another in the series, but I've been absent lately and just don't feel like sharing all of my private and inner most feelings right now.

BB: Do you like how you were written?

AS: For the most part. My author could have kept some of my failings in the background. No one wants the whole world to know when you're being petty or selfish.

BB: What is the most interesting thing that happened to you in this book?

AS: I got to go cave diving!

BB: Who is your favorite character in your book, besides yourself? Why?

AS: My best friend, Colin, is always my favorite. But he was my favorite before the book so I'll say Mr. White. He's a bit scary and quite a challenge to get to know.

BB: Is there anything we should know about you that we haven't been told in your book?

AS: Not really. My author doesn't hide much of my feelings or actions. Even if I'd like her to be more discrete, she isn't.

BB: How do you feel about the way your story ended?

AS: My story hasn't ended. It has just begun!

BB: Thanks for spending time with us Alexis. Good luck in your future adventures!

For more on Alexis Stanton and her story, check out Color Me Grey by J.C. Phelps.

Description: Meet Alexis Stanton, a 5' 4" petite young woman with a yen for adventure. She grew up as a tomboy wishing she could have all the adventures boys could have. She has since decided that being a boy instead of a girl has its advantages, but being a woman is much better. Raised in a family with money, she was able to pick and choose her education. She had been schooled in everything from being a lady to courses with Special Forces instructors. Her desire for adventure and her boredom with her current employment and a strange 'HELP WANTED' ad causes her to quit. She finds that job she could "just die for"... and it looks like she just might!

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