Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men & One Woman by Barbara Silkstone

If men would open up to you would you really listen? Meet author, Barbara Silkstone. She traveled the country for six years armed only with a tape recorder and a quirky sense of humor, listening to men talk about women, love, commitment, and male hopes and fears.

Women will enjoy this book for the insight it gives them into the male mind. Men will immediately compare themselves with the 527 Naked Men to see how they stack up. Both genders will gain a new and often humorous perspective on the opposite sex.

The Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men & One Woman is honored to have received a 8/10 rating from and rave reviews from relationship experts.

“Barbara is able to capture how men constantly wrestle their inner demons. Even if he’s the model spouse, he is not immune to the thoughts and desires that afflict every man.”
Scott Kudia, Ph.D Relationship Expert

Imogen's Review

Where did Prince Charming go?
After a harrowing divorce, the author set out on a journey to study and discover the inner most thoughts about love from the average man. Is there a Prince Charming out there? Will your man give up his life for you? The aim was to interview 1000 men in one year.

Five years later, Barbara Silkstone reaches the end of her emotionally-draining journey with 527 men interviewed, all of who opened up their hearts to her. Each man interviewed offered interesting (and mostly disappointing) insights into their thoughts about love and romance. Barbara's writing style is easy and entertaining, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

About Barbara Silkstone (from Amazon)
When you're a freelance writer with a quirky sense of humor, being in the right place at the right time helps a lot. If I just stand still for five minutes... wham! Something funny and worth writing about will happen to me. I've accidentally sky dived, been elected president of the Japan American Society (I'm not Japanese), been stalked by crazies, and ran off with a real life White Rabbit.

I'm a single mother, living on the edge in South Florida. My background includes parochial school, commercial real estate, public speaking, teaching, and church administration. My writing history is equally as diverse. I started an underground newspaper in grade school and was threatened with excommunication by the nuns. After being published in the horror genre, I was fortunate enough to take part in writing workshops with Stephen King, Robert B. Parker, and James Michener.

I enjoy doing playful things with language, blending two distinct words to create a new word. If I'm laughing out loud when I'm writing, then I know I've hit the mark. I'm working on Wendy & the Lost Boys right now. I laugh so loud while I'm writing that the neighborhood committee has asked me to move.

For six years I traveled the United States listening to men reveal their darkest secrets for my book, The Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men & One Woman. When I was finished with my adventure, I realized the only man I should have interviewed was Lewis Carroll, unfortunately he was long gone. So I set out to pay homage to his logic by re-telling Alice in Wonderland in a contemporary setting. The result is The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters ~ comedy thriller that takes place between Miami and London.

Barbara Silkstone is a freelance writer living on the edge in South Florida. She is the author of the comedy thriller The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters available on Amazon Kindle.


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