Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wishful Thinking by K. Crumley

One stormy night Maevis Etherwood came home and found her husband in bed with another woman...
What exactly transpired afterward remained a mystery, even to Maevis herself.

The Detectives investigating the scene are stumped by the lack of any forensic evidence....
But what the two men remain oblivious to is the fact that she is a faerie, losing control of her powers in this non-magical realm due to fatal illness.

Could Maevis really have killed the man she loved with magic? Or is there a far more treacherous power at work?

An image flashed through her mind of the night in question. It was like a nightmare that she had woken up from, and only had the faintest images crossed her mind of that horrid evening. Of finding the man she loved and trusted in bed with another—in her bed. She remembered flying, wings unfurled…she remembered her belongings and a few of his flying across the room, like a tornado blowing through their home. The look of horror on that girl's face as she screamed “She has wings!” as if Maevis was a monster. It only made the faerie more hurt, angrier…Then Maevis’ mind went blank. She cannot remember a thing after that, except for waking up and hearing her sisters call her name, Fiona shrieking…
They were dead.
He was dead.

About the Author:
K. Crumley has been writing for over 22 years; ever since she was a ballet student at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA.
Through personal trials and a religious reckoning, she gave up dancing and devoted more time to writing. She completed Writer's Digest School's Short Fiction course, and has since had short stories and poems appear in periodicals, anthologies, and ezines.

Recently, Ms. Crumley has completed her first novella WISHFUL THINKING and has several short works available on Kindle and in print.

Currently she is working on a sequel entitled CHARMED LIVES, and the second edition of her anthology FACETS. She's also reviving her long-term pet project PROPHECIES OF FIRE.

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