Sunday, March 20, 2011

Her Last Letter by Nancy C. Johnson

In the Colorado mountain town of Glenwood Springs, not far from Aspen, artist/photographer Gwyn Sanders discovers a cryptic letter her sister Kelly left behind. The victim of a deadly hit and run, Kelly reveals she was sexually involved with her sister’s boyfriend and is scared for her life. Both Gwyn and her remaining sister Linda have since married their boyfriends, so either of their husbands could be guilty of murder. The sisters received a large inheritance before meeting these men, and know little of either man’s background. Worse, both Gwyn and Linda love their husbands deeply, but steps must be taken to find the truth. And the truth is complicated. Is it one of the two men, or another previous lover? Or none of them? Danger abounds and everyone is a suspect as Gwyn tries with the help of a gifted private detective to track a killer....Her Last Letter is approximately 96,000 words long. Imogen's Review When Gwyn Saunders discovers a letter that was hidden, taped inside a dresser, by her murdered sister implicating her husband as a possible suspect, Gwyn's relationship with him is, not surprisingly, compromised. Compromised because it's not exactly clear who her sister was referring to in her letter. It could have been Gwyn's husband, but it could also have been her brother-in law or her old boyfriend... Nancy C. Johnson spins an exciting whodunit, where no one can be trusted, and everyone is implicated. I enjoyed every minute of reading it. Nancy immediately hooked me and kept me captivated right to the end. I look forward to Nancy's next book. About Nancy C. Johnson (from Amazon) Thank you for stopping by! The photo above was taken at a book signing I attended in Clawson, Michigan, at a wonderful furniture store called Leon and Lulu. It is not far from my home. The couch I'm sitting on is not mine, of course, though I wouldn't mind owning it. It is lovely.... I had a great day at the signing, and sold a few books, but the best part was talking to the people who walked by, and to the other authors, about thirty of them. I love writing and talking to people about writing, but it still feels strange to be a published novelist. I'll admit it took a very long time for that to happen, despite some luck early on. After I wrote my first novel, I was able to find a great New York literary agent, and I was thrilled. At the time, I thought I had it made. But though several big publishers took interest, nothing came of it, and my book never sold. But I kept writing, and I kept trying to get each new book published, and though after a while I thought it would never happen, it finally did. In the end, I formed my own publishing company. It was the best thing I could have done. Many doors have opened since then. I've signed with another New York literary agency, an incredibly good one, Trident Media Group, and just this morning I accepted an offer for foreign rights from Truva, a well-known Turkish publisher. I'm still doing the happy dance! If you would like to know a little bit more about me and my current novel, I invite you to visit my website. LINKS Website Amazon

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Nancy C. Johnson said...

Thank you so much, Imogen! I know I thanked you personally for this review (which you posted at Amazon) but I forgot to comment how grateful I am for your wonderful review here at Breakout Books Reviews! Once I realized my mistake (just now) I decided that at least I could apologize and be "better late than never."

I also want to wish you continued success with each of your wonderful books, and now with your newest novel, Who is Faustine? Bonfire Chronicles Book One.

Nancy :)

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