Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cries in the Dark by P.A. Woodburn

Two prostitutes vanish.

Chimps are mysteriously missing from a primate sign lab. Is there a possible link to a biomedical research facility?

While premed student Alex Buchanan confronts her new-found ability to communicate telepathically with animals, the body toll mounts.

When her boyfriend disappears with a dangerous secret, Alex knows a serial killer is stalking her.

Can she solve this dilemma before becoming the next victim?

Imogen's Review
When pre-med student Alex Buchanan befriends Maggie during the Seattle to Portland bike ride, her life is turned up side down. After Alex is thrown from her bike, Maggie helps nurse her back to health. Alex loses her job at the transplant lab due to her absence and Maggie then suggests that Alex seek employment at the research lab she works at. After a horrific incident, when a chimpanzee at the lab kills Maggie, Alex rediscovers her ability to be able to hear and communicate with animals via thought. All is not what it seems at the laboratory, and Alex is quickly thrown into the midst of a sinister plot. Will she be able to escape from it?

P.A. Woodburn had me completely hooked from the beginning of the book. This is a fast moving story with many layers of intrigue. Although the setting is involves an animal lab, this story is so much more and will appeal to a large audience. I highly recommend this thriller/mystery.


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