Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Zaphod Zombie: Living Impaired Among the Unimpaired Living by Jordan Krumbine

WARNING: Adult content; young readers be warned!

Following the mantra "Zombies Are People, Too", Zaphod Zombie is the story of a young man -- who just so happens to be undead -- simply trying to survive life, death, sex, friendships, and everything in between.

Most people think of zombies as mindless monsters, shambling their way to the nearest available brain. Zaphod would beg to differ. Hell, he doesn't even LIKE brains. Ever since he joined the ranks of the undead, Zaphod has been having a hard time fitting in. After getting fired from his job, kicked out of the motel he was staying at, and facing prejudice and racism everywhere he turns, Zaphod finally catches a break when he finds a room to rent on craigslist.

EVERY MONTH IS ZOMBIE AWARENESS MONTH! Help the spread of understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of our undead brothers and sisters by downloading this book today!

About the Author:  Jordan Krumbine was born many years ago, precisely nine months after his parents did the nasty. Since then, his parents did it at least once more (Jordan has a younger sister); his father died (not from the sex .... allegedly); and Jordan eventually found himself talking WAY too much about his parents having sex.
One day soon, Jordan hopes to conquer his fear of pickles.
Between writing, producing, and editing original content for YouTube, producing automotive commercials local to Orlando, FL, and running a creative consulting group, Krumbine squeezes in a writing project or two. Motivated by a screenwriting background and the idea of writing books that he'd enjoy, Krumbine's novels are quick, snappy reads that are easy to pick up and easy to finish -- in other words, books for people who don't like to read!

Dawn's Review:  Like the warning says: Adult Content, young readers be warned!  It really isn't that bad, but I probably wouldn't let my children read it.  That aside, I enjoyed this book.  The author's style of writing is entertaining and easy to read.  The was cute and in the end it left me with a really great message.  I say give it a try. I'm on my way over to Amazon to check out his other books.

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