Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flash Fiction Five Pack by Lyndon Perry

Enjoy Five Flash Fictions (plus a Bonus Microfiction!) in this humorous collection of digital shorts. In about 3500 words, the author sketches out a whimsical "A to Z" volume, from alien romance to zombies as well as email spam to space monkeys. Two tales feature Mazaru the Space Monkey while a third introduces Billy Farnsworth, Zombie Hunter.

About the Author: Lyn Perry writes a variety of speculative fiction, from SF and fantasy to mystery and spiritual thriller. As a middle school Language Arts teacher, he encourages (okay, requires) his students to read at least 25 books during the school year and to write in their journals daily. He hopes to keep up with them!
Perry is also the founding editor of Residential Aliens, a magazine of spiritually infused speculative fiction online at He is also the editor of Fear & Trembling Magazine, an online venue of spiritual horror. As the owner of ResAliens Press, his goal is to publish stories that, while not necessarily religious, are truthful to the human condition and touch on themes that are eternal.

My Review: This was a short collection, but cute. I particularly enjoyed Spam Fiction. I was lucky enough to meet Lyn in person last year and I can say he is a fun guy with a wonderful imagination. I can't wait to read more of his work.

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Lyn said...

Thanks for the plug! I'll be posting some freebies at ResAliens soon as well. Have a great week and best wishes with your series.

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