Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Dollar Wednesdays - 5/11/11

In North Africa something washes ashore rotting everything, and everyone, it touches. On an alien world three astronauts realize the dangers of living off the land. In the shadow of a plane crash two survivors face off against a horde of clockwork monsters. 'Parasite: Six Tales of Speculative Terror' transports you to a nightmarish science fiction world where you can't run, you can't hide... and you're never alone.

"Always surprises and always entertains." --Jonathan Maberry, ROT AND RUIN

A fantasy and paranormal collection. Contains the Writers of the Future Award-winning story "The Vampire Shortstop" and 11 other tales of magic, romance, and the supernatural, including the Makers series in which children control the essential forces of the world. Includes "The Boy Who Saw Fire," "In The Heart of November," and "Invisible Friend."

Nicholson is the author of 12 novels, including The Red Church, Drummer Boy, Disintegration, and The Skull Ring. With J.R. Rain, he wrote the urban fantasy Cursed! Look for his other story collections THE FIRST, MURDERMOUTH: ZOMBIE BITS, CURTAINS: MYSTERY STORIES, and ASHES. His Web site is

As L.C. Glazebrook, he writes the paranormal romance series OCTOBER GIRLS.

These eight tales run the gamut from small-town horror to old-school, whiskey-slugging noir, with a touch of coming-of-age adventure thrown in for good measure. We're talking over a hundred print pages of pure pulp perfection that'll cost you less than the paper it ain't printed on.

Includes the Spinetingler-Award-winning "Seven Days of Rain," Derringer-Award finalist "The Big Score," and "The World Behind," which originally appeared in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.

Also included are "A Better Life," "The Well," "A Simple Kindness," "Eight Pounds," and "The Toll Collectors."

There's been an accident at Santa's Workshop. He needs to desperately replace what he lost at the North Pole. This Christmas horror story will make you think twice about being on the naughty list. Christmas horror short story

The Book of Biff is a single panel comic about spaghetti, time travel and toast. The strip centers around a child-like mad scientist named Biff who may be part cockroach or possibly an alien.

He lives a solitary life in a world that he appears to have all to himself. Not a single word is spoken and no other soul is seen.

This collection explores underwater motorcycles, the care and feeding of your pet rock and using cheese in interior decorating.

110 pages. Full color (on color devices.)

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