Saturday, February 26, 2011

Listen to Your Heart by Margaret Lake

World War I - Lena Manning is barely 20 years old and already a war widow with a baby on the way. Her church takes care of her, gives her employment and wraps her in its secure world. When the bishop appoints a new pastor, a young, handsome widower, she is forced to seek other employment to avoid any hint of scandal.

Her new job as social secretary to the wife of a wealthy New York banker thrusts her into a seductive world of money and privilege. When the son of the house pursues her, he awakens feelings she thought long dead.

Can she survive his secrets or will fear send her running back to the security of her church and the pastor who waits for her there?

About the Author:
I was born in New Jersey, but moved to Florida when I was 13. Reading has always been my favorite activity, even as a child. I've been downsizing and have probably donated 5,000 books in the past several years. I still have seven book cases crammed full and I can't even count how many on my Kindle.

My other passion is history, especially English History. I think my interest really began when I read "Catherine" by Anya Seton. When the inspiration came to write my first book, I naturally gravitated to the Wars of the Roses because of that book.

My favorite author is Susan Howatch, my favorite book is "Outlander" and my favorite series is Harry Potter. I lead a Harry Potter book club at the elementary school and help with the chess club.

I'm still waiting for the rescue kitty lady to find me a kitty I can rescue.

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