Friday, December 10, 2010

Sponsorships, Prizes and More!

There are a few changes going on over here at Breakout Books that I am pretty excited about. As some of you know, I started a newsletter recently, that I hope everyone is enjoying. If you haven't signed up for it yet, I encourage you to do so right away. The newsletter not only covers everything we do here on the blog, but by being a subscriber, you are automatically signed up to win any of the prizes given away through the newsletter.
Starting this month, there will be a monthly drawing for an Amazon gift card. This month's prize isn't very big, but I expect that to change as our membership grows and more authors start to participate in sponsorship.
For our authors, I am offering a new sponsorship program. Authors who participate will be featured in our weekly newsletter. Part of the sponsorship fees will go towards prizes for our members, in the form of gifted kindle versions of your book. Your banner will also be featured on the blog that week.
So, everyone get signed up. There are lots of prizes that have your name written on them.

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