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This week's featured author: Susanne Lambdin

Susanne's love for Star Trek took her to Los Angles in the late '80s. She is best known for her 'based in part' contribution to Star Trek The Next Generation, Season 4, Eps. 76 "Family."
Her book series, Dead Hearts, a fantasy/supernatural zombie apocalypse with a mutating virus is recommended by actor Spencer Wilding a/k/a Darth Vader in 'Rogue One'.

Her latest series, Realm of Magic - Seeker of Magic is set in a war torn realm where magic is outlawed. Susanne is known for writing strong female characters to inspire a younger generation. "A female can do anything if she puts her mind to it." - S. Lambdin. Her fondness for the thrills and chills of the undead and supernatural creatures, like werewolves, can be found in her many published novels.
Susanne Lambdin started to write at the age of 8. Her love for fantasy, supernatural, and horror novels and movies was influenced by George Romero, Anne Rice, Stephen King, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. "A good story should give you goose bumps." -
S. Lambdin.

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Book Interview with Demetrai Johnson and a Give Away

Book Interview with Demetrai Johnson

1.  This is a little different than most the books we feature on our site.  Can you tell us a little more about it?
My Spiritual Thoughts & Words of Remembrance is a book of poems and letters written for comfort, relief, and encouragement in some of my life’s most trying times.

It is broken down into two parts
My Spiritual Thoughts are poems written based on my feelings and emotions at certain periods throughout my life. So, each work written has a meaning behind it and two of the poems are actually songs.

Words of Remembrance are poems written in remembrances of loved ones and friends whom passed away. Some were written as messages to family members from their love ones. I was able to write the poems on their behalf to their families. Writing it as if they were actually talking to their family. Letting them know that everything is ok now.

Example “Cry No More” is a poem written for my family as a message from my Uncle Mike. I was asked to do a poem for his home-going service. While I was going through my crying stage, the title “Cry No More” came to mind. As I was writing the poem, I realize I had to make sure I didn’t cry when reading it. I wrote this poem as if my Uncle was telling us not to cry anymore. He wanted us to know that he was ok and that he was pain free. He was letting us know that we will see him again and how to it can be done.  Needless to say I was able to read it without crying.

What inspired you to write it?
My Spiritual Thoughts & Words of Remembrance isn’t the first book I written; however, I felt led by God to make it the first to be published. I also felt that it was time for me to share my thoughts spiritually and emotionally.

This seems like a deeply personal project.  Was it hard to share it with the world?
Yes it was a personal project! The three letters are most definitely personal. They were written in 2014 the same year that it was published. I felt like it needed to be written to share those special moments I had with them.

No it wasn’t hard for me to share My Spiritual Thoughts & Words of Remembrance to the world. It was written to in the hopes of helping others. The hardest part about writing the book was choosing which poems to share for the My Spiritual Thoughts section. The letters were kind of hard to write as well because I was crying while writing them.  

Is this something that non-religious people can enjoy?                                                    
Yes, I believe that my works can be enjoyed by all people whether they are religious or  nonreligious.

Are there any other works you have available? 
Yes, a video which I produced using one of my poems. Titled “Peace Is What Martin Wanted to See”. Actually, this poem isn’t in the book.
The video can be viewed on my website or on YouTube under Deme J Expressions.

What does the future hold in store for you and your writing?
The publication of future inspirational books.  

Do you have any favorite authors or poets that inspire you? 
No I don’t have a favorite author or poet. I pretty much read whatever keeps my attention including inspirational books.

Tell us a little more about yourself.
I’m a native of Charlotte, NC and a graduate of Johnson C. Smith University.
It was during elementary school I discovered my talent for writing. As a matter of fact I wrote my first poetry book, children’s book and rap song during that time.

I enjoy writing, singing, acting, photography, working in front and behind cameras, as well as helping others.  

Check out these links to learn more about Demetrai's book:

We are also giving away a keychain with her book cover to one lucky winner.  To enter to win, please comment here or over on our facebook page!!

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Shaking it up a little...

All right readers and writers, it's been a long time since I've posted anything here.  Life keeps me pretty busy lately.  But no more of that.  I want to see a little more action on this board so I'm going to challenge you and myself to keep this board going.  Let's hear some reviews from our readers and some updates from our writers.  I have some new reviews I have yet to post.  I will get those out later this week.  Let's hear something from everyone else though.

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Indie Book Challenge

I just ran across a challenge I was in back in 2011. I couldn't find that they did another challenge for 2012 or 2013. A little bummed, but then I thought we could just do our own book challenge here. The guidelines of the challenge was to read 24 books within the year by 24 different Indie Authors. Here's the tough part: the first letter of the author's names must make up the alphabet. I know the year is half over, so it will be tough to complete, but if you guys are up to the challenge, I'll start compiling a list of suggested Indie authors. (Started below.  I will continue to add to the list when time permits.  Send me your suggestions!!!)

Suggested Titles:

- A -

Alexis Steinhauer - Dragonfate: Dragon's Gold
Alexis Steinhauer - Dragonfate: Dragon's Flight
Alexis Steinhauer - Dragonfate: Dragon's Oath

- B-

Beth Cooper - Wichita Haunts
Beth Cooper - Ghosts of Kansas

- C -

Candice Gilmer - Fantasy Girl
Candice Gilmer - Broken Shine
Candice Gilmer - Moonlight and Shadows
Candice Gilmer - The Reluctant Prince
Candice Gilmer - Rescuing Rapunzel
Candice Gilmer - Under His Nose
C. Michael McGannon and D.C. McGannon - Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters: Witch Moon
C. Michael McGannon and D.C. McGannon - Charlie Sullivan and the Monster Hunters:  The Varcolac's Diary

- D -

Daniel Arenson - Flaming Dove
Daniel Arenson - Blood of Requiem
Daniel Arenson - Tears of Requiem
Daniel Arenson - Light of Requiem
Dawn Judd - Reining In
Dawn Judd - Phantom Rising

- E -

- F -

- G -

- H -

- I -

Imogen Rose - Portal
Imogen Rose - Equilibrium
Imogen Rose - Quantum
Imogen Rose - Momentum
Imogen Rose - Fusion
Imogen Rose - Faustine
Imogen Rose - Initiation
Imogen Rose - Integration

- J - 

J.C. Phelps - Color Me Grey
J.C. Phelps - Shades of Grey
J.C. Phelps - Reflections of Grey
J.M. Pierce - Failing Test
J.M. Pierce - A Shadow's Light
J.M. Pierce - The Reverence of One
J.M. Pierce - Duality
J.M. Pierce - Bitter the Sane
J.M. Pierce - Before and Gone

- K -

K.C. May - Sole Sacrifice
K.C. May - The Venom of Vipers
K.C. May - The Kinshield Legacy
K.C. May - The Wayfarer King
K.C. May - Well of the Damned

- L -

L.C. Evans - We Interrupt This Date
L.C. Evans - Night Camp
Lyndon Perry - Ulemet and the Jaguar Gold
Lyndon Perry - The Last Prayer: A Silo Story
Lyndon Perry - One More Book Before I Die
Lyndon Perry - Last Gasp

- M -

M. Clifford - The Book
M. Clifford - The Muse of Edouard Manet

- N -

- O -

- P -

- Q -

- R - 

Ronnell Porter - The Pocket Watch
Ronnell Porter - The White Knight
Ronnell Porter - The Memory Keeper
Ronnell Porter - The Navilus

- S -

- T -

- U -

- V -

Victorine Lieske - Not What She Seems
Victorine Lieske - The Practice Date
Victorine Lieske - The Gathering

- W -

- X -

- Y - 

- Z -

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This week's featured author: Susanne Lambdin

Susanne's love for Star Trek took her to Los Angles in the late '80s. She is best known for her 'based in part' contribut...